Invincible Career Accelerator

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For less than a coffee a day, you can join the Invincible Career® Accelerator and receive the ongoing career advice and expert support you need to: 

  • Ask for a raise to get paid what you're worth. 
  • Get promoted and move up the ladder at work. 
  • Figure out what your next move is for your career. 
  • Find a great new job when you're ready to move on. 
  • Negotiate job offers to maximize your earning potential. 
  • Create an invincible career to find the work you will love! 

Your membership grants you access to my private Slack community, where you will benefit from support, feedback, accountability, and inspiration from experts and other ambitious people like yourself. We also have live meetings monthly over Zoom where you can ask for advice on specific topics. You will receive a Slack invitation once you sign up.


"I joined Larry's Career Accelerator Program because I struggled to break into the UX Design Industry from my previous career. After a year of receiving poor advice from recruiters and design professionals, it wasn't until I joined Larry's group where my career started to head in the right direction. Larry is a career changer and has several years of experience in multiple design roles throughout his career. He uses this experience to mentor professionals at various stages in their careers. The advice I received from Larry and other professionals in his community was instrumental in improving my resume, portfolio, increased my results in interviews, and even got me into writing. I have been very fortunate to have Larry as a mentor, and I can't recommend joining his Invincible Career community enough."

“I had the pleasure of having Larry as my career coach for almost a year. Working with Larry was incredibly valuable. He doesn't so much offer advice as he guides you in creating your own goals and your own path to achieve them. At the same time, he gives pragmatic feedback to help in achieving specific goals. I would certainly work with Larry again in the future."

Anne Jude Hunt, VP, Head of Product, Medici

"After ten years in the same role at the same company, I was feeling stuck and undervalued. I was disappointed by my recent failures and unable to see my long-term successes, let alone sell them to other companies at job interviews. I wanted to quit my job, but I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get another one. It was a classic case of impostor syndrome! I had worked with Larry fifteen years ago on the Design Labs team at eBay, so I reached out to him for career advice. Larry's Career Accelerator program helped me recognize and challenge the fears and barriers that had been holding me back. I started journaling, setting goals for myself, and developing a more positive attitude towards my past achievements and current projects. I also met some great new friends through our weekly conference calls who helped me realize that my struggles were not unique. This month I accepted an exciting new job offer, and I was able to leave my job on a positive note. I feel far more confident about myself and my abilities, and I owe a lot of that to my participation in the program. I would highly recommend Larry to anyone in a similar situation!"

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You'll get access to my private career community, live workshops, office hours, and a live Zoom meeting every month

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Invincible Career Accelerator

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