The Invincible Career Manual

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We have operating manuals for our cars.

We have travel guides to make the most of our vacations.

But, many of us navigate our careers — one of the most important things in our lives — without specific goals, intentional strategies, and detailed plans.

The Invincible Career Manual is a living document that guides you in designing a career that will give you the life you want. The questions and exercises will help you clearly define your goals, plans, and strategies to position yourself as one of the best at what you do.

Feel free to replace the sample content and text, modify slides, and add more slides and information as needed.

You deserve a great career and life, so let this manual guide you on your journey!

Take the time you need to complete it. It’s natural to change your mind, revisit sections, and update information as your career evolves.

Buy this career manual once, and it's yours to use forever.

I've included samples and examples you can replace with your own content and preferences. Once you complete your purchase, you can download either a PowerPoint or Keynote version to edit to your heart's content!

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A 91-page manual to help you plan, manage, and accelerate your career

Editable slide deck
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The Invincible Career Manual

0 ratings
I want this!